Earn money while you enjoy the Southwest

Mar 3, 2023 | News

Work in Moyne Shire

The ‘Make It Work’ program allows people visiting Moyne Shire to get subsidised campsites if they’re working in the region so they can work, play and stay!

The ‘Make It Work’ program is perfect for semi-retired, nomadic travellers, locum workers, travelling families or van-lifers who want to experience the taste of a small-town lifestyle. It’s a chance to recharge your spirits AND your bank account for that next adventure.

The work opportunities are endless. From agriculture, trades, business services, hospitality, education and healthcare, there is a short term or seasonal position waiting for you to join the team.

Earn money, enjoy subsided site fees at 4+ star rated Caravan Parks, and get a chance to explore more than the typical tourist sites of this region to connect deeper with the land and community.

How does it work?

  • The person finds a job
  • The employee tells their employer they need accommodation
  • The employer will get in touch with the Moyne Shire Council and communicate directly with the employee about everything they need to know about their new home!
  • The accommodation rate and conditions are negotiated between the employee and employer

You can register your interest in finding a job here.

Or if you’re a business, you can register your interest in employing here.

Diane Daniell has started working in Mortlake while still enjoying the freedom of semi-retirement. She utilises her skills in mapping as a Geographic Information Service Officer three days a week in Mortlake where she stays her retro caravan at Mortlake Caravan Park. Long weekends are spent back home in Maryborough tending to her horse, cycling or taking trips with her husband. Diane starts her days in Mortlake with a stroll of the picturesque Teatree Lake which she can see from her van or working up a sweat on the nearby outdoor exercise equipment.  Mac’s Hotel is a regular destination for coffee or a meal down the road.  Diane says about her new home away from home, “Mortlake is peaceful and picturesque part of the world and I’ve been made very welcome.” View more of Diane’s story.